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Straighten Your Teeth Discreetly With Clear Aligner Therapy in Oakmont

Clear aligner therapy in Oakmont, PA offers a way for you to straighten your teeth with practically no impact on your professional or social life. Since they are made of clear, BPA-free plastic, aligners won’t stand out in your smile. They are removable, so you won’t worry about food getting caught in them on a date or slurring your words during a presentation at work.

Compared to braces, clear aligners are:

  • Comfortable – Without wires, there’s less chance of irritating soft tissues in your mouth.
  • Convenient – You can take them out for eating and oral hygiene, so it’s easier to keep your teeth clean.
  • Quick – The teeth aligners we use are designed for minor movement of front teeth rather than more complex orthodontics cases, so you can complete treatment in as few as three months.
  • Versatile – They can be used to straighten upper teeth, lower teeth, or both.

To visit our office and see if clear aligners are the right short-term orthodontics for your smile, call 412-828-3311.

Attain Substantial Tooth Movement With Clear Aligners

We use SureSmile® clear aligners, and you will love how they straighten your smile so much more quickly than braces. SureSmile aligners allow your doctor to carefully plan your entire treatment using digital images. Aligners work well to correct cosmetic dental problems like spacing, crowding, and tipping. They may not be effective for more complicated orthodontics issues.

Clear Aligners Treatment Is Simple

Doctor Todd Resek on Clear Aligner Therapy at Oakmont Advanced Dentistry Read Transcript

Our Oakmont, PA dentists will send impressions of your teeth and other information to a special clear aligners lab where your custom aligners are produced. While you wait, they can use a special outcome simulator to show you how great your new smile will look. When the aligners arrive, they’ll ensure the first one fits well and that you understand the treatment process.

You’ll wear each aligner for a short time before moving to the next one in the series. You’ll visit our office for periodic checkups so we can make sure your orthodontic treatment is on track. That’s it! Unlike braces, you won’t need any adjustments.

To find out more about clear aligner therapy, call Oakmont Advanced Dentistry at 412-828-3311.

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