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Get a Straight Smile Fast With Six Month Smiles® in Oakmont, PA

If you’ve shied away from braces because you don’t want to spend months with a mouthful of silver metal, Six Month Smiles® may be for you. The braces for adults not only work much faster than traditional braces, but they’re more discreet too. Many people may not even realize you’re wearing them, thanks to their tooth-colored wire and clear brackets and elastics.

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Compared to traditional braces, they are:

  • Faster – While the average treatment time is just six months, it’s possible it could be even quicker depending on the state of your smile.
  • More Comfortable  – Many people find them more comfortable than traditional braces because of their low forces and shorter treatment times.
  • Less Conspicuous – They blend in more naturally with your smile.
  • Less Costly – Because they require fewer visits to the dentist, they are almost always less expensive than traditional braces or even veneers.

To see if you’re a good candidate for this kind of short-term orthodontics, call our Oakmont, PA office at 412-828-3311.

Adult Braces Quickly Fix Cosmetic Dental Issues

Adult braces offer more predictable results than clear aligners because you don’t have the option of removing them. Like traditional braces, they stay on your teeth 24/7. So they may be a better choice if you think you’ll be tempted to frequently take out aligners.

They work quickly because they focus on just a few teeth, the “social six” that show when you smile. They won’t typically improve your bite, meaning the way your teeth come together. However, addressing crowding or misalignment with the front teeth may be all your adult smile needs to look fantastic.

Technology Makes Orthodontic Treatment Quick & Comfortable

A special lab uses impressions of your teeth and other information provided by your dentist to create a customized kit that shows exactly where brackets will be placed for the desired results. This makes the initial placement quick and comfortable for you.

The wires also have “shape memory” that works with the brackets to gently guide your teeth where they need to go. One your teeth are straight, our Oakmont, PA dentists can also provide a retainer to keep them in place.

To schedule a consultation for Six Month Smiles, call Oakmont Advanced Dentistry at 412-828-3311.

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