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Revive Your Gums With Gum Disease Treatment in Oakmont, PA

You could have gum disease in its early stages and not even be aware of it. Regular checkups every six months will help us catch and treat it before it gets out of hand, however. The dentists at Oakmont Advanced Dentistry have helped many of our patients restore their gums to health. Here are some great benefits of gum disease treatment at our Oakmont, PA dentist office:

  • An improved smile and more self-confidence.
  • Prevention of tooth loss.
  • Better oral health and potentially better overall health.
  • More attractive appearance.
  • Prevention of gum loss.
  • More comfortable biting and chewing.

If you think your gums could be suffering, call us today for your appointment: 412-828-3311. Our office is located at the corner of Allegheny River Boulevard and College Avenue.

Take Care of Your Gums to Prevent Bigger Problems

Doctor Todd Resek on Gum Disease Treatment at Oakmont Advanced Dentistry Read Transcript

Diseased gums are not something you should ignore. Research has linked gum disease to a number of serious health issues, including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, respiratory infections, and certain types of cancer.

That’s why we always examine your gums as part of your checkup. If we see signs of gum disease, there are two different approaches we can take, depending on your circumstances. Either method may be paired with antibiotic treatment to help kill harmful bacteria:

  • Deep Cleaning Through Scaling and Root Planing – Our team will rid your gums of plaque, tartar, and bacteria using special tools. We will gently clean beneath your gumline between your teeth roots and gums (scaling). Then we will smooth out the roots (planing) so that bacteria have difficulty recollecting there.
  • Laser-Assisted Gum Treatment – To kill harmful bacteria that live below your gums, our dentist can use a thin laser the width of only three human hairs. As a painless alternative to traditional gum surgery, we will gently insert the laser between the tooth roots and gums, where it eradicates plaque and bacteria so your gums can begin healing. Best of all, your gums won’t be cut, so you won’t need any stitches.

Don’t let your smile suffer! Call us at 412-828-3311 today for an exam and possible gum disease treatment.

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