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Improve Your Oral Health With Oral Surgery in Oakmont, PA

Oral surgery has a scary reputation. Yet it’s often the best way to get you out of dental pain and restore your oral health. In addition, procedures such as bone grafts are sometimes needed to prepare you for dental implants or other treatments. At Oakmont Advanced Dentistry, oral surgery procedures are never scary!

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Our Oakmont, PA dentists have years of hands-on experience with tooth extractions and other procedures. Still, they regularly pursue continuing education to stay abreast of the latest treatment methods. In addition to skilled dentists, you’ll find:

  • A comfortable, completely private operatory.
  • A choice of two kinds of dental relaxation methods, including laughing gas.
  • No-rush appointments so we can take time to explain everything.
  • Advanced technology like a cone beam CT scan that enables us to better plan your oral surgery procedures.

To find out if you may need an oral surgery procedure, call 412-828-3311.

Get the Oral Surgery Procedures You Need

Whether you need to have a tooth removed or a procedure to prepare you for dental implants, our dentists can help. You can get:

  • Extractions to remove a damaged tooth or to prepare you for dentures or another dental restoration.
  • Bone grafts to strengthen your jaw for implants.
  • Ridge augmentation to restore the shape of your gums and jaw.
  • Socket preservation to minimize bone loss after an extraction and keep the area in good shape for a future tooth replacement.

Stay Comfortable During Oral Surgery Procedures

While local anesthesia will keep you comfortable during oral surgery procedures, you can also receive dental relaxation methods. We offer two different kinds, so you can choose the one best suited to your situation. Inhaled laughing gas takes effect quickly and wears off quickly too. An oral medication allows you to arrive for your procedure already relaxed.

To find out more about oral surgery in Oakmont, PA, call 412-828-3311. We welcome patients from surrounding communities too, including Plum, Verona, Arnold, Hampton, and Penn Hills.

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