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Enhance Your Smile With Dental Veneers (infographic)

Your smile can change if you want to change it. And dental veneers are one of the fastest ways to makes cosmetic changes to your teeth. Veneers can solve a variety of problems in a short amount of time. If you want to see what can be done, start by scheduling a consultation at Oakmont Family Dentistry. Call 412-828-3311 or fill out our online form to plan your visit to our Oakmont, PA dentist ...

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Discover The Difference Dental Implants Can Make

August is Dental Implant Month. So, we wanted to devote one of our blogs this month to discussing three ways implants can be great for anyone who is missing teeth. Whether you are missing a single tooth or all your teeth, implants can give you back much more than your smile. Your teeth replacements can look, feel, and function practically as well as the real thing. If you are interested in ...

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Plan To Visit Our Family Dentist Before School

With the start of the new academic year just weeks away, you may have a school supply list you are working through. We would recommend adding a dental checkup to the list. So, if you haven’t scheduled an appointment at our family dentist office in Oakmont, PA, contact us today. Call 412-828-3311 now to plan your visit to Oakmont Advanced Dentistry. Keep reading to learn some of the things we can do ...

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Rebuild Your Smile With A Dental Bridge (infographic)

If you are missing a few teeth, you can give yourself a reason to smile again. You can get a dental bridge at Oakmont Advanced Dentistry. And if you get a dental implant-supported bridge, you can feel more confident that you can bite and chew like you could before you lost your teeth. To get a bridge for yourself or to learn about this restorative treatment, make plans to visit our Oakmont, ...

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End Your Pain With A Root Canal Treatment

You’ve tried to ignore the pain. You hoped, maybe, it would go away on its own. Instead, it’s gotten worse and worse … and now you are holding the side of your face wondering how to make it stop. For better or worse, this is a situation we’ve treated many times. This kind of toothache usually is the result of an infected tooth. The treatment is a root canal. Before you get ...

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Could You Get a Straighter Smile by the Holiday Season? (quiz)

We all know we’re an instant kind of society. We like internet access at our fingertips. We like that we can microwave our food. We like same-day grocery delivery and one-day shipping (though sometimes that doesn’t even seem fast enough!). Our office prides itself on fast treatments for many different areas, including getting a straighter smile. No, we can’t give you a straight smile ...

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Now Is the Time for Wisdom Teeth Removal (blog)

Has your child been told they need wisdom teeth removal? Has your kid graduated high school or college, or are they a college student on summer break? If so, there couldn’t be a better time for wisdom teeth extraction than the summer. Even if you never had those teeth extracted when you were younger, now may be a good time if your summer schedule is more flexible. With three Oakmont family ...

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Show Off Your Better Summer Smile

Summer is a wonderful time of year. The daylight lasts longer, giving you more reasons to be out and about, spending time with family and friends. We hope your summer is filled with fun and lots of smiles. We also know that issues with your teeth can make you self-conscious about letting other people see your smile. We want you to feel confident about showing others how happy you are, whether ...

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A Missing Tooth Could Cause More Problems

You didn’t think that missing tooth was a big deal, but now, you are starting to think you might have been wrong. Something has definitely changed. You thought you could get by with eating on the other side of your mouth. That worked out OK, but now you are developing tooth decay in teeth on the other side of your mouth. On top of that, your teeth have, well, shifted. Your teeth seem to ...

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Symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Do people often complain about your snoring? Do you feel tired throughout the day? If so, then you may have obstructive sleep apnea. This is a sleep disorder that prevents you from getting the healthy sleep that you need. Our own Dr. Todd Resek of Oakmont Advanced Dentistry understands how you feel. He too suffered from sleep apnea, which is why he sought a solution. It’s one we now offer ...

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