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Straighten Your Smile With Adult Orthodontics

There are many milestones to becoming an adult, from getting a driver’s license to moving out of your childhood home. One milestone for many people is getting braces. But what if you missed that milestone, due to lack of finances or another reason? Does that you mean you’ll never have a straight smile?

With adult orthodontics , you’re never too old to get braces – assuming your teeth are in good shape and so is your overall oral health. At Todd S. Resek DMD, PC, we offer two kinds of adult orthodontics. Both of them straighten teeth more quickly than the traditional metal braces that some of your friends wore in junior high or high school. They’re also both more discreet than traditional braces. No one may even notice that you’re straightening your smile!

To find out more about your adult orthodontics options, call Todd S. Resek DMD, PC at 412-206-6825. One of our Oakmont, PA dentists will determine whether you’re a good candidate, review your options with you, and help you make the best choice for your smile.

Six Month Smiles Straighten Teeth in No Time

One of our adult orthodontic treatments is Six Month Smiles®. They work much like the braces you remember from childhood – with a few notable differences.

With Six Month Smiles , most people can get a straighter smile in six months or even less time. That’s months quicker than the typical treatment time for traditional braces. This short-term orthodontics treatment is fast because it focuses only on the front teeth that show when you smile. Because of this, they likely aren’t a good choice if you have major bite or misalignment issues. But they work well for cosmetic corrections.

In addition, Six Month Smiles are also less conspicuous than traditional braces. Instead of silver wires and brackets, they use teeth-colored wires and clear brackets. This makes them far less noticeable in your smile.

Clear Aligners Can Be Removed for Convenience

Another kind of adult orthodontics is SureSmile® clear aligners, which uses a series of plastic aligners to straighten your teeth. Since the aligners are made of clear, BPA-free plastic and fit snugly over your teeth, many people won’t even realize you’re wearing them.

Even better, you can remove the aligners for meals and for oral hygiene. You won’t have to avoid hard or sticky foods for fear they could damage your braces. And it’s easier to follow your normal brushing and flossing routine.

Like Six Month Smiles, SureSmile is best suited for smiles that need relatively simple orthodontic treatment. 

Can I Get Adult Orthodontics?

Many, though not all, adults can get one of these short-term orthodontics treatments. Both of them can make it easier for bacteria to accumulate in your mouth during treatment. So it’s important to follow a good oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing.

We likely won’t recommend either method if your teeth and/or gums are in generally poor shape. If you have gum disease, for example, we’ll want to treat it before you straighten your smile.

Smoking or tobacco use is a bad idea with either kind of adult orthodontics. That’s because their clear materials can stain. Instead of being inconspicuous, they’ll really stand out in your smile. You’ll be stuck with the stains, as they can’t be removed. While you can in theory get a replacement aligner for a stained one, it will add to the cost of your orthodontic treatment.

You also may not be a candidate for adult orthodontics if you have a fixed dental bridge or partial dentures. Our Oakmont, PA dentists will need to examine you to determine if your dental restorations will present a problem.

Decisions, Decisions

How do you know which kind of adult orthodontics is right for you? Our dentists will be happy to discuss both with you to help you decide. The nature of your orthodontics issues may be a big factor. While both Six Month Smiles and SureSmile are designed primarily for cosmetic corrections, each method works differently. So one may be better for the problems you are trying to solve.

In addition, since you can’t remove Six Month Smiles, it may be the best choice if you lack the self-discipline to wear clear aligners for the recommended 22 hours a day. While they can be taken out for special occasions such as a big sales presentation at work or a first date, we suggest removing them only for meals and oral hygiene. If you’re tempted to take them out frequently, your treatment time will increase.

To schedule an adult orthodontics consultation, call our Oakmont, PA dentist office at 412-206-6825.

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