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Restorative Dentistry: Get Your Smile Back This Year

Dental problems have been around as long as people have had teeth — so, basically, forever. And it’s well known that people have been trying to fix their broken and lost teeth for thousands of years. But never have dental restorations been as effective, comfortable, and lifelike as they are today.

Whether you have a little cavity or need to replace entire teeth, there is no reason to hold off fixing your pearly whites. A beautiful grin good for your self-esteem, and a fully restored smile is essential for good oral health.

At Oakmont Advanced Dentistry, we offer restorative dentistry that will give you the gorgeous and healthy smile you deserve. To request a consultation at our Oakmont, PA office, call 412-828-3311 or contact us through our online form.


Dental fillings are the most common type of restorative procedure needed by our patients. If part of your tooth has decayed, the decayed portion must be removed and replaced by a filling. In the past, metal (amalgam) fillings were standard — and are still used today. But because they are unsightly, they are most often used in the back of the mouth. Composite resin fillings are effective and increasingly popular. These are perfectly matched to your tooth color and shaped to your teeth, so are invisible even in a conspicuous part of your mouth!


A dental crown is a custom-crafted, cap that is matched to the shade of your enamel and placed over a tooth for protection and strength. A crown may be needed after a root canal, if a tooth has been damaged by repeated procedures, cracked or broken due to trauma, or in cases of decay that’s too extensive for a filling.


A traditional bridge is a cost-effective restoration for replacing a single missing tooth or multiple adjacent missing teeth. It is constructed of two dental crowns that hold a false tooth or teeth — called pontics — between them. The crowns fit over the two teeth on either side of the gap, keeping the pontics in place. The teeth must have some enamel removed beforehand to enable the restoration to fit.


Conventional dentures come in two main types: full dentures replace an entire arch of teeth, while partial dentures replace a few missing teeth. Today’s dentures are more comfortable and lifelike than ever before. They are less expensive than dental implants but enable you to chew, speak, and take pride in your smile once again.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth because they mimic the entire tooth structure, including the root. A titanium post is surgically inserted into the jawbone, where during the healing process it fuses into place. Once you’ve healed from the initial surgery, an abutment and a natural-looking crown are attached. Dental implants restore the appearance of your smile and the full strength of your bite.

To learn more about the dental restorations we offer at Oakmont Advanced Dentistry, request an appointment with our online form or call our Oakmont, PA office at 412-828-3311.

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