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Is Untreated Sleep Apnea Hurting Your Sleep? (quiz)

You’ve heard the snoring … or you’ve heard the complaints about your snoring.

If one person in a family has sleep apnea, it can affect the quality of everyone else’s sleep.

The good news is that our doctors can help. Schedule a consultation at our Oakmont, PA dental office to learn about sleep apnea treatment .

We can:

  • Perform a cone beam CT scan in our office
  • Help arrange an at-home sleep test
  • Work with local providers to determine the best treatment.

We can even make an oral appliance that can help the person with this sleep disorder snore less. That can help them and everyone else in your household get a better night’s sleep.

Take a few moments to answer some questions below. This could help you decide if you should talk to our team at Oakmont Advanced Dentistry.

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