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End Your Pain With A Root Canal Treatment

You’ve tried to ignore the pain. You hoped, maybe, it would go away on its own.

Instead, it’s gotten worse and worse … and now you are holding the side of your face wondering how to make it stop.

For better or worse, this is a situation we’ve treated many times. This kind of toothache usually is the result of an infected tooth. The treatment is a root canal.

Before you get worried, you should know that the procedure can be done practically painlessly at a modern dental practice like Oakmont Advanced Dentistry. We can remove the infection, repair your tooth, and give you a reason to smile again.

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Stop The Worry & The Pain

If you are reading this, you may have heard someone describe something bad as being “like having a root canal.” This procedure has a bad reputation, but that has more to do with how it used to be done than how we do it today.

Even so, we understand the thought of fixing an infected tooth can cause dental anxiety. With the advances in dental technology and our sedation options, getting a root canal is no worse than getting a filling. (Many patients have told us they didn’t feel anything during their treatments.)

Once you are relaxed and ready, we can begin the procedure. The process is fairly straightforward. It’s something that Dr. Resek has been doing for more than 25 years.

We create an opening in your tooth. We remove the infected tissue inside the tooth. After disinfecting the inner chamber of the tooth, we disinfected it and fill it with a rubbery material that reduces your risk of additional problems.

The final step is capping the tooth, often with a dental crown, to restore your ability to bite and chew. With our CEREC crowns, your smile can look as good as it did before your infection, too.

How Infections Happen

Teeth become infected when bacteria reach the pulp (a soft connective tissue) found in the center of your teeth. This can happen in a few ways.

The first is cavities. More than 90 percent of people will have at least one cavity in their lives. If you deal with it early, a filling can fix the problem. Even if you wait a little bit, you can usually restore your tooth with a crown before an infection develops. If you don’t do anything. Bacteria will eventually get through your enamel and the dentin beneath it to reach the pulp chamber.

Gum disease is another common cause of tooth infections. When you have gum disease, plaque and tartar can form on the roots of your teeth. When bacteria eat into the roots, they can reach the root canals (the openings in your tooth where blood vessels and nerves enter the tooth). You also have pulp in this part of your tooth.

A third issue is when you have a broken or cracked tooth. This can allow bacteria to get to the center of your tooth sooner. It’s also why we encourage you to fix these problems as soon as you can.

Don’t Wait Another Day

If you notice a toothache or, better yet, if you see a cavity or other issue, take control of the situation. Schedule a visit to Oakmont Advanced Dentistry to find out if you need a root canal or to find out if another treatment can take care of your problem. Contact us online or call 412-828-3311.

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