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Create A Straighter Smile In About Six Months

You’ve put other people needs ahead of your own for years. You’ve waited long enough to do something about your smile.

You have dreamed of having straight teeth for a long time, and you are ready to make that a reality. If so, then you may want to visit Oakmont Advanced Dentistry.

It’s possible you could have a new and improved smile before the end of the year with one of our orthodontic options. You can keep reading to learn more, or you can call 412-206-6825 to schedule a consultation at our Oakmont, PA office to find out if Six Month Smiles is for you.

A New Smile Could Be Closer Than You Think

Maybe you had braces when you were younger, but you didn’t wear your retainer as you should have. As a result, your teeth shifted back into crooked positions.

Maybe you never had any kind of orthodontic care, but now you are in a position to do something about your smile on your own.

Either way, Six Month Smiles has proven to be a great option for many of our adult patients.

Like traditional braces, this system uses brackets and wires to move your teeth into new positions. Like traditional braces, this treatment can correct overbites, crooked teeth, crowded teeth, gaps between teeth, and more.

If you are familiar with braces, you know that people often wear them for years before their treatment is complete. In our experience, most adults don’t want to wear braces for that length of time.

That’s why Six Month Smiles are such an attractive option for many of them.

Move Your Teeth In Less Time

The secret to Six Month Smiles isn’t special bracket or fancy archwires. No, the difference between this system and traditional braces is the focus.

With conventional braces, you would be moving all of your teeth. That includes the molars, which are the larger (and therefore heavier) teeth in the back of your mouth. From a cosmetic standpoint, those teeth don’t have much effect on the appearance of your smile.

With Six Month Smiles, you only move the teeth that are visible when you do smile. Those teeth in the front of your mouth are smaller and lighter, and therefore can be moved more easily. As a result of these, you are able to make noticeable improvements to your smile in less time. While many people do finish this treatment in six months or less, some people will need a little more time depending on their specific situation. Even so, it will same time compared to conventional braces.

Time savings isn’t the only advantage of Six Month Smiles. The brackets and wires are made to be less noticeable than traditional braces. They also can save you money compared to other orthodontic options or cosmetic services like dental veneers.

Claim Your Straight Smile

Don’t wait any longer to make the changes that you want to see. Make plans to contact Oakmont Advanced Dentistry to find out if Six Month Smiles or one of our other services could be just what you need.

Contact us online or call 412-206-6825 to request your consultation.

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