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Could You Get a Straighter Smile by the Holiday Season? (quiz)

We all know we’re an instant kind of society. We like internet access at our fingertips. We like that we can microwave our food. We like same-day grocery delivery and one-day shipping (though sometimes that doesn’t even seem fast enough!). Our office prides itself on fast treatments for many different areas, including getting a straighter smile.

No, we can’t give you a straight smile overnight. And we don’t compromise on quality, whether your treatment takes 10 minutes or 10 months. But with our modern orthodontics , we have given many patients straight teeth in months . Yes, you read that correctly!

What’s even better is that our two short-term orthodontics options are discreet. So you can straighten your teeth without metal showing. That makes your progress even more exciting during your treatment.

If you’re interested in getting a straighter smile by the holiday season, it’s possible! You could be proud to show off your teeth in all the holiday photos. Contact Oakmont Advanced Dentistry today to set up a consultation. Call our office at 412-828-3311, or request a visit online . Don’t forget to take our quick quiz to see if you’re a candidate for our short-term orthodontics.

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