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A Missing Tooth Could Cause More Problems

You didn’t think that missing tooth was a big deal, but now, you are starting to think you might have been wrong.

Something has definitely changed. You thought you could get by with eating on the other side of your mouth. That worked out OK, but now you are developing tooth decay in teeth on the other side of your mouth.

On top of that, your teeth have, well, shifted. Your teeth seem to be moving, and it’s not doing your smile any favors.

At Oakmont Advanced Dentistry, we can help you avoid the scenario described above. You can replace your lost tooth with a dental implant and crown. Your first step is calling 412-828-3311 to schedule your appointment at our Oakmont, PA office.

What Could Happen

When you lose a tooth, it might seem like a small problem at first. You might think you don’t need to do anything about it. As we described above, you can work around your missing tooth … for a little while.

As we noted, you can create new problems when you try to avoid the gap in your smile. The added wear and tear on your other teeth can increase your risk of cavities and other issues.

Meanwhile, the normal pressure of biting and chewing puts pressure on your teeth that can cause them to drift. When you had a complete smile, your teeth provided support for one another, which essentially kept them in the same places. When a tooth is removed, that support weakens, and the teeth can begin to move. This can change your smile and affect how well you can eat.

Below your gumline, a different problem is developing. When you are missing a tooth, you are missing the root as well. This affects the health of your jawbone. When you bite and chew, your roots press into your jaw. Your jaw responds by making new bone tissue. This is needed to replace old tissue that is absorbed back into your body.

Without a root, you can begin losing bone in that part of your jaw. That, in turn, can increase your risk of losing more teeth.

Maybe it goes without saying, but even if you don’t experience these problems, your lost tooth can affect your confidence in your smile and change the way you pronounce words.

How You Can Prevent More Problems

The best thing you can do is to replace your tooth as soon as possible. In modern dentistry, the best solution for this situation is an implant-supported dental crown .

Implants were made to replace the roots of missing teeth. Dental crowns replace the natural crowns of your teeth. Together, they give you a complete tooth replacement.

The implant is placed directly in your jaw. This keeps the implant securely in place, where it provides a stable base of support for your crown. With this combination, you can stimulate your jaw to prevent bone loss, eat the foods you want to eat, and stop drifting from happening.

And again, you can fill the gap so you maintain your complete smile, which allows you to speak naturally as well.

Fill Your Gap

If you are missing a tooth, contact Oakmont Advanced Dentistry today to set up a consultation. The sooner you see us, the sooner you can replace your missing tooth. You can contact our office online or call 412-828-3311.

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